Saturday, October 23, 2010

The iPad

Well, I finally bought my iPad thanks in part by generous gifts from family members for my birthday.

I love it and will probably blog about it a great deal in the coming days. It is a great device and although many see it as a useless iPod Touch on steroids, it is so much more.
To me, its the first popular consumer device that truly gives a glimpse into the future of data consumption.
More about this soon.

It has been awhile since I have blogged and it looks like Katie has picked up some of the slack by blogging 4 posts since my last.

Last week Katie and I took care Alex, the son of some friends of ours. We had some fun running around REI and checking out the different tents. Alex also enjoyed playing with Barkley and Penny and they loved playing with him.

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Mumford & Sons

I like a lot of different music and many times become fans of bands before they make it big.  However, I mostly owe this to William Austin, as he always tells me what to listen to.  Before I started listening to Mumford & Sons, Will had mentioned them several times and I had seen other friends "tweet" about them occasionally.  On our trip to the Sequoias back in July, we finally pulled them up on our iPhones and gave them a shot.  After the trip, Matt burned a CD for our car and we haven't hit eject since.  You might remember THIS post and Matt's video of our Sequoia trip... yep, that's Mumford & Sons.

On Monday night we went to the Hollywood Palladium to see them live!  They were everything and more.


We're obsessed and we hope you will be, too.  They do use some adult language in only one of their songs - but come on, they're Englishmen!  If you can get past that, then you will enjoy not only their musical ability, but their attention to crafting verses that will cut you deep and remind you of a good Word you may have heard before.

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Friday, October 15, 2010


I'm jumping on this bandwagon a little late, but I've had my eye on Etsy for a couple of years now.  This week, though, after seeing this post on my fav, The Kitchn, I decided it was time.

Do you like?
I've been looking for something to go over my oven, so I'm thinking this blue poster with perhaps a green or red picture frame against my yellow walls... love it!  Also practical when cooking and converting.  I mostly love it, because it involves math.

Eventually, I'd like to have this one as well...

Don't pretend you've never lived by this philosophy.  In a difficult moment, a cupcake can offer great peace.  It's just better not to think what the cupcake will do in later moments (mostly in the thigh region).
Etsy offers so many temptations...


... don't blame me if you become addicted. I warned you.
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