Sunday, January 31, 2010

A Grammy Afternoon!

Well Katie was busy this morning making lunch and a cake for our good friend's birthday. We met Drew Curtis at LAFSC and have developed a fantastic friendship over the last two years.

This afternoon we celebrated hi birthday with Andy, Sarah and the Holzapfels! We filled the afternoon with wii action including Beatles rockband and wii Super Mario Brothers! We had a ton of fun!

We also dusted off our balance board and had some fun with Wii Fit! Some of us ventured out of our comfort zone and let the wii weigh us and inform us of our individual BMIs! Sadly Little baby Lyla is quite a bit obese and has a wii fit age of 36!

We are currently enjoying the fantastic Gramys on tv. That beginning sequence was simple astonishing!

Sunday breakfast

The dilema: donuts or cereal.
We save money with cereal but have no milk. Katie is currently training for her 5k so she is trying to say no to donuts....
So we go with option 3, breakfast quesadillas and burritos from la fogata!
Gotta love that Mexican food!

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Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Saturday Morning Breakfast

This is my first Saturday off since Katie and I have returned from the Xmas holiday, and we are starting it off at one of our favorite Ventura avenue restaurants: The Marmalade.
I think we night go for a hike today up in the nearby hills/mountains. We're very excited.
Last weekend we went a little crazy at ikea and bought some cool stuff that still needs to be put up.
hopefully this will be a very productive weekend!

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Puppy Registry

Wouldn't it be awesome if there were such a thing? Much like having a baby, getting a puppy requires a lot of purchases. Many of my favorite blogs have a theme going on right now-- baby registry musts. Since we don't have kids, and won't be making this sort of registry for awhile, I thought I'd share about my favorite puppy must-haves!

1. Petstages Toys
Barkley loved these when he was little! They are small and fun to chew on, yet are very well made. I am not a fan of animal toys that look like dead animals laying around my house, so the colorful patterns and material make these tolerable.

2. Busy Buddy
Barkley's favorite bone! It's bouncy, so we can throw it around the house, but it also has replaceable rawhide treats in the middle of the bone.

3. Pet Door
Our life changed when we installed this door for the Barkster. Now he's not stuck in our house all day while we work- I'm afraid he probably barks at the birds, but he does have some large dog-buddies next door who he can catch up with during the day. Our only problem is when it rains... which is about 5 days out of the year... but B will stick his head out the doggy door, then come back inside to take care of business. Puppy pads do the trick on rainy days.

4. Maxwell Dog
Barkley just loves that there's a store in our neighborhood with his name on it. A boutique dog store is not unique in LA, but we only go to this one-- why else? We're Maxwells! And it has some affordable items, as well as the diamond dog tags and cashmire cat sweaters. We go to Petco & Target for the basics, but when we need something special, you'll find us here.

5. Food bucket
This picture is from World Market, though ours came from IKEA and was much cheaper. We keep Barkley's food in this and it's genius! It looks cute in our kitchen, and he hasn't figured out how to get into it. I love it!

Friday, January 22, 2010

Art of Elysium

Hello again! If you are reading this, then you have probably received a holiday card from us. (Is Barkley not SO cute?) We are still working to get our blog all set and lookin' pretty. Sharon of Redbud Designs is getting her creative juices flowing and designing our blog. It will probably make its debut around the beginning of March... but, oh, it will be worth the wait! In the meantime, we'll start posting some thoughts and get ourselves in the habit of posting more often.

Perhaps a little Hollywood story to kick off the blog?

On Saturday night I worked the 2nd annual Art of Elysium Heaven Gala for the 2nd year. Art of Elysium is a fantastic organization that partners artists with children who suffer from major medical conditions. My job was to check-in guests as their drivers dropped them off and before they hit the red-carpet. My favorite part of this event is seeing the fashion! The Katie Fashion Award goes to Jessica Alba-- classic yet trendy Hollywood in a red dress, chunky diamond necklace, and shiny black heels. If you're curious about who else I saw (and slightly interacted with), check out this article.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

new year... new blog...

Matt and I both enjoy blogging, but we also have a hard time keeping up with our blogs. We decided our readers would have more to read if we shared a blog-- we'll take turns posting and the topics will undoubtibly be diverse. You can expect lots of day-to-day activities, Hollywood sighting, recipes, and shoes with me. With Matt? What else-- gadgets!

We'll start posting soon.. right now we're working to get this thing set up and running.

Love you all and we'll see you back soon!