Monday, November 22, 2010

TOMS & PS Arts

Ok, this is my 4th attempt to complete this post!!  My mind is already on the holidays, so I'm going to keep this short and sweet (you were hoping for that, weren't you?):

A few weekends ago, I went to a TOMS Shoes sample sale and bought 9 pairs of shoes!!  Only two were for me, the rest for friends and family - though none for the Riggs family, as there's a TOMS Shoes embargo at their house.  Summary of my day: 2 hrs waiting in line, 1 hr shopping, 2 hrs waiting in line to check out.  WORTH IT.

Here's the middle of the line as I was walking up to find the end:

Here's the line from behind:

Almost to the front:

Aww, so many cute kids shoes:

My favorite find of the day:

The next day, I volunteered for an organization called PS Arts.  Through work, I've participated with this group a few times before, but this was their yearly event for donors and their families.  It was a huge arts day for families - the kids left with pillowcases, pottery, jewelry, cupcakes, chimes, headbands, mirrors, dolls... and while the kids created, and parents chowed down on local food vendors whose boothes were between the crafts.  There was also a Sprinkles truck and In-N-Out truck.  Yep, this event doesn't mess around.

Here are pictures of the different booths:

Star of the show - Target's mascot, Bullseye!

Here was my station - the PS Arts merchandise booth, where you could screen-print your own t-shirt.

These prints were my favorite discovery from the event - Taut Canvas.
Taut Canvas was started by a husband and wife who were wanting modern art for their daugther's room, but something that would be relevant as their daughter grew up and interactive.  Each print represents a value - the print with the white background is "courage" - the little birdy is flying off the tall tree.  The print with the blue background is "honesty" - someone has taken a little bite out of the apple, and there are seeds in the little birdy's belly.  The pink print is "compassion" - the little birdy, whose wing is bandaged, receives a kiss from the big birdy.  The designer told me that his daughter is now 3, and they are using the art to talk about these different values as she's  headed into pre-school.  I highly recommend visiting their website and seeing what they have to offer!  They're coming out with a new line after the holidays, based on numbers and letters.  So fun!!

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