Thursday, February 24, 2011

Hearst Castle

Over the weekend Katie really wanted to visit Hearst Castle. I was fairly apathetic and didn't want to go but was glad I did.
Hearst Castle is an amazing place built easily within this last century. It feels like it would have many hundreds of years between now and when they started building but not at all. It is a marvel and just a fun experience.
We happened to visit the castle on a very wet Saturday but were lucky enough to have a fantastic tour guide.
Here a few photos I took throughout the tour:

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HDR Photos @ Gorda Springs Resort

When I have the time I like to play around with HDR photography. When you first see HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography they tend to strike wonder and awe, but those feeling quickly fade. The trick is pretty easy combining three varied exposures into one. There is several different software options out there that lend a hand in creating these types of photos but the effects are always pretty similar.
One of my great heroes in photography: Vincent Laforet recently stated that HDR photos are only effective when you do not recognize the gimick that is HDR photography. Succesfull photos should look like an Ansel Adams piece and not a video game frame.

Recently a few East European filmmakers created quite a stir with their HDR video piece:
The Chapel

TheChapel. A short film. (HDR timelapse) from Patryk Kizny on Vimeo.

Some people love it and some hate it but either way you have to admire what they created.

Here are a couple of HDR photos I shot over the weekend: (not succesfull in Vincent's eyes but fun none-the-less)

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Our Big Sur / Gorda Springs Resort Adventure

Me and my beautiful Wife in Big Sur
Katie and I were able to get out of town over the President's Day weekend and shot a resort commercial film. We traded a free stay at Gorda Springs Resort for a web video showcasing the beauties of this resort located on the PCH with a wonderful view of the Pacific!

Throughout the weekend we shot several timelapses with varying success. My last timelapse I shot Sunday night at 2:00am and it finished around 11:00am. My camera took a picture every 45 seconds and afterwards I stiched the over 800 photos together to create my best timelapse yet.
This video has not been color corrected or even really touched up yet. Its pretty much straight from the camera and I already think it looks amazing. What do you think?

I am sure that this will look even better after some color correction and added to the rest of the film.

Katie and I had a great time eating out and simply enjoying the beauty that surprises us around every twist, bend, and curve that makes up the PCH.
Capturing my first timelapse for the weekend

the prius provides the perfect shelter 

iphone photo 1

iPhone stitched photo using photo stitcher app

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Big Sur Filming

Katie and I are in Big Sur filming a web video for resort client.
More to come...

YouTube Video

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Friday, February 11, 2011

Vday 2011

Lahvah's Day is swiftly upon us.  I have started calling Feb. 14 "Lahvah's Day" thanks to funny nienie and this beloved SNL skit:

Have you decided how you are going to celebrate your lahvah this holiday?  For the past two years, my lahvah and I have jet-setted to San DiAHgo to celebrate both our love and George Washington's birth.  This year, however, Uncle Sam and the dentist seemed to have dipped rather deep into our pocketbook, thus we are left to be creative in our celebrations.

Last year I also shared ideas of gifts your lahvah (or myself) might enjoy.  So in case you are a Last-Minute-Lucy or -Larry, may I offer these suggestions:

Yes, please.


Sweet and citrusy.
Sugar Eau de Parfum

Uhhh... this is not so romantic, but your lahvah will LAHVE this for his/her iPhone or iPad!

Make this! Happy lahvah guaranteed. (bonus: it's super easy!)

Wear this while you make that.

Happy Lahvah's Day everyone!

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